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Signage system

Chengdu Panda Valley

Redesigning of signage system in Panda Valley - Chengdu Field Research Center for Giant Pandas.
Set in Majiagou, Dujiangyan City, covering an area of 133.6 hectares, Panda Valley is covered in bamboo and trees providing a home to over 700 species of flora and fauna and a natural base for the reintroduction
of giant pandas.  The place is also inhabited by other endangered wildlife, including red pandas, swans, peacocks, birds, butterflies and hundreds of insects.
Along side scientific facilities there are parks, cafes, gift shops, a temple and even a post office. In recent years, where is a continuous effort to improve infrastructure to provide a high international standard for tourist facilities, services and experience.

Client / 

Panda Valley - Chengdu Field Research Center for Giant Pandas


Role / 

Art Direction




Agency / 

Sadowsky Berlin

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